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Formula 49

This is a recovery formula, which provides a special blend of homeopathic minerals and supplementary nutrients, which may be beneficial for horses suffering from the effects of high sugar/starch intake from lush grass, sweet feed, etc. that may lead to laminitis/founder.

Note:  This is a product you will want to begin feeding immediately after you notice the animal has become uncomfortable.  Don't wait 3 weeks, while there may be permanent damage occurring to the laminae and the coffin bone has rotated.
The horse you save may be your own.  Keep it on hand at all times.

Feeding Instructions:

Put directly into mouth, either dry or mix into syringe with water. 
Do not mix with anything else

On the first day, feed one rounded teaspoon every half an hour for 4 hours straight and then 3 or 4 more times throughout the day.
Each additional day, feed one rounded teaspoon 3 to 4 times daily for minor cases or 6 to 10 times daily for severe cases.
Repeat everyday until the horse is completely sound. 
Feed only Grass Hay and Water.  Stop all grain and all alfalfa hay.  Gradually reintroduce horse back to grain and pasture more each day once they recover.

14 Oz Jar ~One Teaspoon Serving Approx. ~90 Servings


  • Proprietary Blend of Lactose, Silica and Electrolytes (calcium phosphate, calcium fluoride, calcium sulfate, iron phosphate, potassium choloride, potassium phosphate, potassium sulfate, magnesium phosphate, sodium chloride, sodium phosphate, sodium sulfate), Biotin, Folic Acid

Customer Reviews

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Never had a horse founder Before

This is something to keep on hand. I had purchased a weanling in 2020 and we have had more than our share of issues. For her rough start you can view my review on White Lightning. I wasn't informed of the filly's hernia until two weeks before delivery. I had seen her at only 10 days of age, and she wasn't made available to inspect. I trusted the breeder to be straight forward. Fast forward, after Vet Med placed a hernia clamp on which I was initially told should fall off in 10-12 days, 8 weeks later it did. She and I stressed the entire time.
Then on December 15th, 2021 we were literally hit by a storm three times. The first wave took her ~15-30 feet into the air and in lateral recumbency (on her left side) rotated her three times before I shut my eyes and opened them to see her laying lifeless on the ground. My heart sank, I thought that she was dead. Then her hooves began to twitch, then she thrashed with her legs and then sat up sternally and looked around. As she got up, she reminded me of a newborn foal or calf unsteady and wobbly on her legs. To make a long story short we got hit with 2 more bouts of bad weather and it removed her roof over her loafing shed. Since then, the weather has been up and down.
Still trying to get insurance and contractors to get the rebuilding process started.
Her hooves looked odd on 01-23-22 at the evening feed and by the evening feeding of 01-24-22 she was lame and founder postering and posing. I called Billy on the 25th and we talked, and he sent the Formula 49 out to me immediately. I had the farrier out that Sunday (01-30-22) to trim her hooves. He agreed that it is stress founder (initially) that caused this process to progress.
Billy and I have had several communications by e-mail and finally came to the conclusion that it is stress founder not feed founder (which I couldn't figure out how that had even happened). But now she is insulin sensitive as well, and it has been a long difficult process, but she is now on an even keel and progressing positively. I have added the Horse Sense (HS) (along with the #49, White Lightning) and each day her lameness is declining. Her attitude is improving, as well as her mobility and her appetite is great. If you can't tell I am a true believer in these products b/c it is not in the claims but the actual results I have seen over and over throughout the years is all the proof I need.